Right First Time®

The Blue Print brand claim articulates the values of quality and accuracy that users of Blue Print across the world have come to rely on since its launch in 1994.

With Blue Print, it will always be Right First Time® - extensive testing to reach OE specification means a perfect fit, every time.

The thumbprint in the Blue Print logo is our symbol of precision, uniqueness and quality. When perfection is achieved, we are happy to leave our mark - leaving a thumbprint is the Blue Print way of symbolizing this.

We call it "The Proof of Perfect Fit".

Samples & Inspections

Blue Print stores a library of OE samples to make direct comparisons. A dedicated team of engineers conduct thousands of component comparisons every year and will reject product samples if they do not meet Blue Print’s exact specifications.

All of Blue Print’s manufacturing partners are inspected, without exception, by fully-qualified auditors. This is to ensure and verify that - at a minimum - ISO manufacturing standards and processes are being adhered to.

In-House Production

To underline the importance of quality assurance for Blue Print, it is essential to look at the bigger picture. Blue Print is part of the bilstein group, a family-run, independent group of companies which unite prestigious product brands under a single strong umbrella. The international requirements with regard to product quality are reflected by the long-established tradition of in-house production.

This standard is applied not only to the components manufactured at the corporate headquarters in Germany since 1844, but also to the selection of suppliers. This is the only way to ensure the high standard of quality across the entire range of every product brand. All Blue Print products are researched, specified and manufactured to be direct OE replacements.


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Quality & Precision

All Blue Print products are designed and specified to be direct OE replacements, so our customers can be assured of a ‘Right First Time’ fitment.

Download a copy of the Blue Print Parts Quality certificate here.



The Blue Print Manufacturer Guarantee:

Our Quality Promise - Your Added Value

Blue Print ensures a 3 Year Manufacturer Guarantee - exceeding the statutory warranty


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