See Clearly with Blue Print!

7 September 2018

Blue Print has introduced a renewed range of premium wiper blades for Asian and European vehicle applications. This comprehensive programme consists of Conventional, Hybrid and Flat style blades plus specific-fit Rear wipers, covering more than 90% of Europe’s passenger cars across just 47 part numbers.

All Blue Print wiper blades are designed and manufactured in accordance to Japanese Industrial Standards for quality, durability, chemical and ozone resistance, and are a direct replacement for the original equipment equivalent. The wiper blades from Blue Print are tested for 500,000 cycles for superior wiping performance, and are suitable for all seasons of weather.

Identifying the correct wiper blade for a vehicle has been simplified as a result of the Blue Print part number structure. The part number combines the wiper style and blade dimension making it easy to find the wiper blade you need.

The full range and complete information can be found in our industry leading catalogue, ensuring you find the correct wiper blade first time, every time.

The Blue Print brand is part of the bilstein group, which also incorporates the strong febi and SWAG brands. Further information can be found at:

Wiper Blades: Right First Time.