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With over 160 product types and more than 27,000 spare parts in range, including a heavy emphasis towards Asian vehicle makes, it is crucial that each and every one of these parts - from brake pads to clutch kits - is the perfect fit.

Blue Print assures you of this; the thumbprint in the logo is our symbol of precision, uniqueness and quality. When perfection is achieved, we are happy to leave our mark - leaving a thumbprint is the Blue Print way of symbolizing this.

We call it

'The Proof of Perfect Fit.'

Right First Time®

The Blue Print brand claim articulates the values of quality and accuracy that users of Blue Print across the world have come to rely on since its launch in 1994.

With Blue Print, it will always be Right First Time® - extensive testing to reach OE specification means a perfect fit, every time.

Why is Blue Print the specialist for spare parts fitting Asian vehicle makes?

Blue Print’s heavy focus on the Asian spare parts market provides solutions for over 20 vehicle manufacturers, from Toyota and Hyundai to Honda and Suzuki. Our rapidly expanding range of OE-specification articles and the security of products being Right First Time® - assured with our 3 Year Manufacturer Guarantee - makes us a specialist for spare parts fitting Asian vehicle makes you can rely on.

Why is Blue Print considered as a unique brand?

Similar to how a thumbprint is unique to an individual person, Blue Print’s thumbprint is unique to us as a brand and displays our values. Any time you see Blue Print’s thumbprint, consider it our mark of approval. Since 1994, that approval is reached when perfection is achieved; only then is a product ready to be released. This is no more evident than within our core all-makes filtration, braking and clutch ranges. With OE-matching quality, you know you’re getting the perfect fit.


Your reliable spare parts brand for Asian vehicles: our wide offering of OE-matching quality spare parts for Asian vehicle makes is constantly expanding to meet the demands of our customers.


We give our customers confidence that our products will always be Right First Time®. We ensure this through strict testing to guarantee our articles match the OE; meaning the highest quality and the perfect fit, first time around.


Fast to Market: as soon as a new vehicle model is released to market our vehicle and application research team link existing articles into our range to ensure the earliest availability. Using direct OE data as our research source, we strive to be ‘Fast to Market’ in order to provide The Right Product, in The Right Place, at The Right Time. As a result, you can be confident that Blue Print will have the products you need, when you need them.


OE-matching quality: our range of more than 25,000 articles is complemented by the guarantee of every product being to OE specification. In-house testing equipment allows us to directly compare our products to those of the OE - ensuring the highest quality and the perfect fit.

Blue Print is the Asian Vehicle Specialist

Blue Print’s heavy focus on the Asian vehicle replacement parts market provides solutions for over 20 vehicle manufacturers - a huge choice of unique parts among them.

Our rapidly-expanding range of OE-specification articles and the security of products being Right First Time® makes us a specialist for replacement parts fitting Asian vehicle makes you can rely on, including a considerable number of unique parts in the IAM. With one of the largest range of parts, Blue Print is the Right choice for all Asian vehicle requirements.

Asian Vehicle Spotlight

An overview of various Asian vehicle makes - all of which have in common that Blue Print has supplied many of their parts to the Automotive Aftermarket for the first time.

Remarkably, Blue Print is still unique for some of these parts.

Our ‘Fast to Market’ philosophy means that new articles are introduced for the latest models as soon as possible. That’s why Blue Print not only offers a considerable number of unique parts in the IAM, but is also the specialist for Asian vehicle makes.


In-House Production

Blue Print is part of the bilstein group - a family-run independent group of companies which unite prestigious product brands under a single, strong umbrella. A long-established tradition of in-house production within the bilstein group means that every Blue Print product is of the highest quality possible.

Whether manufactured in-house at our corporate headquarters in Germany, in operation since 1844, or brought in from our selection of suppliers, every component goes through stringent quality checks to assure they are a direct OE replacement.

Samples & Inspections

Blue Print has a library of OE samples to make direct product comparisons to ensure OE-matching quality for every component, and samples that do not meet our exact specifications will be rejected.

Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV)

Also included within Blue Print’s range is comprehensive coverage of light commercial vehicles (up to 7.5 tonnes), such as the popular Isuzu N Series, Mitsubishi/Fuso Canter and Nissan Cabstar. There are currently over 250 LCV’s listed in the catalogue with thousands of products available!

Our Quality Promise -
Your Added Value

In order to underline our high product quality standards, we provide a 3-Year Manufacturer Guarantee for all of our replacement parts - exceeding the statutory warranty.

This is our commitment to quality, and is a real added value for everyone who trusts in Blue Print products - from wholesalers and workshops to car and commercial vehicle drivers.