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Why Blue Print?

Wide range of more than 1,100 kits and 2,100 individual components for over 30,000 Asian and European passenger cars and light commercial vehicles applications

Industry-leading online catalogue providing access to OEM level accuracy, enabling you to select the correct clutch first time, every time

Competence Centre with laboratory test facility for research & development. Only new parts that have successfully passed all tests are accepted into the portfolio

20 years of experience in the automotive aftermarket and part of the worldwide bilstein group

Blue Print provides the automotive aftermarket with an exceptional offer of clutch components.

Convince yourself of our
wide clutch programme:

  • Clutch Kits
  • Clutch Covers
  • Clutch Discs
  • Release Bearings
  • Flywheels
  • Clutch Master Cylinders
  • Clutch Slave Cylinders
  • Clutch Release Forks
  • Clutch Cables

Range Coverage

With over 1,100 Clutch Kits for European and Asian models, Blue Print is constantly adding new products to the range.

Installation Made Easy

Detailed fitment instructions are supplied with all clutches, so even the most complex repairs can be clearly understood.

High Quality

All Blue Print clutches are specified to exacting standards to guarantee a direct replacement to the original fitment.

Tailor-Made Solutions

We offer product enhancements that are tailored to a customer's requirements.

Blue Print now offers an “All-Makes” clutch range for passengers cars and light commercial vehicles



In order to meet the ever-increasing demand for passenger car clutch components, Blue Print offers tailor-made solutions for a professional and cost-effective repair under one name: SMARTFIT. These replacement alternatives represent the best possible balance between driving comfort and cost-effectiveness.

With SMARTFIT, we offer a reliable aftermarket alternative for Dual-Mass Flywheel and Self-Adjusting Clucthes – easy to install and of the highest fitting accuracy.

Why Blue Print SMARTFIT Clutch Kits?

  • Range of over 150 SMARTFIT clutch kits, covering more than 8,000 vehicle applications
  • Conversion kits to a conventional clutch technology, a complete professional repair solution
  • Excellent driving comfort and feel
  • Be SMART by improving profit with a cost-effective repair
  • Easy to install with a perfect FIT

SMARTFIT Conversion Kits for Dual-Mass Flywheel

The SMARTFIT for the Dual-Mass Flywheel type clutches is a perfectly coordinated combination of a rigid flywheel and clutch disc with torsion damper; this guarantees excellent vibration damping with the customary high degree of driving comfort.

In order to protect the gearbox, torsion dampers tuned specifically to the engine are used in the SMARTFIT kit. The torsional vibrations generated by the engine are filtered out in all driving conditions, noise is reduced and the service life of the clutch is prolonged by means of low-wear clutch linings.

No special tools are required for these retrofitting kits. This enables a swift and professional conversion. New fixing bolts, high-performance grease and specialist installation instructions are enclosed to ensure straightforward replacement.

We also supply these kits without the flywheel - SMARTFIT Conversion Service Kits. The enormous benefit: The previously installed rigid flywheel can be re-used when the clutch is replaced. This means that only the clutch disc, pressure plate and release bearing need to be exchanged.

SMARTFIT Solution Kits for Self-Adjusting Clutch

These SMARTFIT kits from Blue Print are a high-quality aftermarket alternative to Self-Adjusting Clutch.

The advantages of these SMARTFIT kits include quick and easy fitment, because conventional clutch covers are used and no special tools are required to install them. There is no need to secure the clutch cover without applying a counterforce. This not only significantly reduces the time required, but also the risk of incorrect installation.

Special clutch linings ensure that the SMARTFIT kits enjoy a long service life, whilst meeting the customers’ demands for comfort.

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Quality of the Highest Standard

Strictest test criteria

As an internationally active clutch specialist, Blue Print offers development competence of the highest standard for all types of clutch. Our clutches are subject to the strictest test criteria and undergo all important quality checks. We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 - all our processes are clearly defined.


We only supply new parts in OE matching quality. Blue Print sets standards in the field of quality from as early as the clutch development stage. Only high-quality components are used in the manufacturing processes at our partners' facilities. Clutch linings, diaphragm springs, torsion springs, washers, cover plates and cast parts are all sourced from leading manufacturers.



Ably assisted by a measuring robot, we check all important dimensions to an accuracy of one thousandth of a millimetre in the bilstein group CLUTCH COMPETENCE CENTRE in Germany, in order to ensure a perfect fit. This precise checking is not only used during the development of new products, it also forms an integral part of the incoming goods inspection.


To ensure flawless function and excellent driving comfort, special test beds are used for all clutch components. Measuring programs developed internally ensure the adherence to tight tolerances. All clutch discs and clutch pressure plates pass durability and performance checks through in-house test benches to guarantee consistent quality.


Quality begins for us already with the packaging: Clutches from Blue Print are delivered in specially manufactured, sturdy packaging that not only includes high-performance grease for lubricating the connection between hub and transmission shaft, but also Technical Bulletins and instructions for quick, technically correct installation.


Blue Print Quality Promise

  • Competence centre with its own test laboratory
  • Stress examinations on endurance test beds
  • Road performance checks and calibration drives in test vehicles
  • All articles are specified to the Original Equipment equivalent
  • Only new parts (no reconditioned components)
  • Seamless documentation to ISO 9001:2008

Since 2017, the bilstein group bundles its clutch know-how in the CLUTCH COMPETENCE CENTRE in Durmersheim, Germany. At this facility, our employees strive day by day to optimise clutch products for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. At the same time, we offer our customers modern, OE matching standards at every level.

Every part delivered to customers from the bilstein group CLUTCH COMPETENCE CENTRE must meet our strict internal quality criteria. With the help of extensive tests in our in-house test laboratory, we ensure that only high-quality clutch components are supplied to wholesalers and workshops. To guarantee flawless function, excellent driving comfort and increased durability, we use special test beds for the various clutch components.


Clutch Alignment Tool

When it comes to assembling a clutch kit, this tool is perfect for quickly and accurately aligning the clutch drive plate to the flywheel pilot hole or spigot bearing.
This tool kit is supplied with two universal expanding mandrels for clutch plates 15 - 19 mm and 20 - 26.6 mm.
This is suitable for use on most passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

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